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Das Wandernde Bild/The Wandering Image

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

By 1918 Hollywood productions like The Married Virgin already utilized common editing strategies. By compressing a second or two worth of frames into a single (still) image, I was hoping that some of these long-exposure photographs would show such relationships between shots while others may reveal a new intensity in the old images. How the original images have been translated from one medium to the next is dependent on recent technologies, a long wandering from analog to digital. But perhaps these long-exposures are more striking for their ghostly qualities—a haunting combination of what is and is not recorded—reminding us that indeed they are full of ghosts.

Mia Ferm currently resides in Portland, Oregon where she is a collective member of Cinema Project. She is a writer, photographer, and videographer and holds an MA in Cinema Studies from NYU.