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Friends With Poux!

Friday, January 23rd, 2009


Breathing in and out the dripping air here is the benchmark of the winter we fear.  When every piece of post you unpeel flops flaccidly in your hand you know the season to come comes with that special moisturized cold that will render all layering a pointlessness.  You can put what you want on your outsides, but your very breath betrays you.  Sucking in the cold’s gonna hurt just as bad as any chilly wind on your skin.

But I wasn’t thinking of any of this when I got on the plane headed home from Miami last week.  After a night spent tumbling on the beach with my exhausted and naked friends I picked out some nearly clean shorts and such for the plane ride home…laughing at those I work with who were going back to Minneapolis, or Massachusetts or New York City.  Until I saw the news in the airport (can’t they think of something better to put on those damn screens?) that The Snow had come to New Orleans!  Before the New Years!  This is a real harbinger of strange eco-tidings I’m afraid.

Spent from working my “real job” shoving sacks of art up and down and back and forth…like a taunting Santa with presents your parents can never afford…I was going home to rest.  But that just isn’t how it ever really works out.

Thing is, New Orleans, and the artists in it, seem as busy as I’ve ever seen.  I could attribute some of it to an influx of cool NYC (and elsewhere) kids that have brought their work ethic with them…but I’m pretty sure it’s more than that.  Thing is, this is the first post-summer homecoming I’ve had in 3 years that felt joyful.  I’m seeing things a bit afresh.  I’m tripping over details I’ve passed by for way too long, and it seems a bit infectious.  Everyone is ignoring global financial meltdowns (hell we had one of those years ago!) and is mostly just happy to have space, time and another summer sans abject destruction and gloom.  It’s like a renaissance or some shit.

For the first time ever I’m hearing people talk about how worn out they are from making art and music, instead of death and “the quiet”…

It’s about damn time.

I just got my regular dose of inspiration working at the multitude of art fairs umbrella’d under the Art Basel moniker and after meeting kids like “Friends With You” who erected a mythological towering 8 bit wonderland complete with an adult-sized moonwalk at the Scope fair I’m all fired up, me.  In addition to shoving crap around, I got to DJ (under one of my aliases, Rusty Lazer) a 2 hour set of Bounce music for kids and dirty drones alike (even Paris Hilton took her mothafuckin’ shoes off!) in a bouncy castle…and it was sublime!  They’re building 5 more I’m told and I’m begging ‘em to bring it to NoLa for our Krewe Du Poux’s annual Bumper Cart Ball.  What could be sweeter…Friends With Poux?

And now I’m home, sore and tired (154 hours in 10 days!) and sleeping when I can and getting all our peeps revved up to try for a run at Berlin in June.  The New Orleans Airlift (a little outfit me and some friends dreamed up to help ourselves travel about plus bring the strange and wonderful home) is teaming up with street performance-based festival organizers Berlin Lacht to swing a weekend of shows that will give Deutschlanders an idea of what we are.  It’s breadth-heavy so it will run the gamut from Bounce and Brass Bands to Bike Punx, One Man Symphonies, Puppet Monsters and so much more.  And before all that we gotta have the New Year’s Dirty Deuce (a sloppy seconds southern Bike Kill that brings the pain and stitches it up), and the entirety of Mardi Gras to boot!  But let’s try to stay focused.

There’s a way to find out what the hell I’m talking about.  You know how to link don’t you?  Put your mouse here and click.  This little trip abroad’s but one tiny cog in a big untrued wheel that is what people like us do when no one’s really lookin’ (which is mostly always…and thanks…wouldn’t change it if i could) and I’ll keep coming back here from time to time to tell ya’ll about other trifles we’re up to, and occasionally just bitch about apathy and why I love it so much.

If you see anything you like in our tube window and you wanna see it in person wherever you are, just beg.  We’re easy.

Oh, and by the time I finished this, the sun’s out and all’s right again.

Kid Twist

ps… kisses to michael and these kind kids at asthmatic kitty for all of everything

Here’s some places to find what I’m blathering about
“krewe du poux”