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Recipe: Great Depression #II Turning Lemons into Lemon-Garlic Sauce + Food Mixtape

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
from pinoyrecipe.net

from pinoyrecipe.net

This year is my year of “No Bummer.” All sights set on positive. Everything geared towards making me and my friends as happy and healthy and productive as possible.

Of course, happiness and productivity are a little abstract.  Health, though, barring any unforeseeable illnesses, is easy. Go outside every day. Don’t eat McDonald’s. Don’t get dehydrated. Because really, why sabotage yourself? If the goal is to live as long and as well as possible, why do anything to derail that?

Of course this is a loaded discussion and I’m not going to front purity. (I love white trash potato chips and a cold 40 as much as anybody, but I’m trying and I hope you are too.)

So, following the Eat-For-How-You-Want-to-Feel model, I’ve been cooking with a lot of spinach, mushrooms, winter greens, and seasonal squash, and I usually finish the meal feeling strong enough to beat the hell out of Superman.


The problem is, no matter how healthy your meal, most sauces are full of chemicals and additives and they cancel out any nutritious benefits the main course might have. I mean, my friends and I are crazy-poor at the moment as I’m sure you are; there’s no sense paying what little money we have for fresh food just to cover it in toxic waste. What I’ve been working on lately is cheap, healthy, good-tasting sauces and dressings that jibe well with their entrées. All ingredients from the ground. The real stuff. (If you want to read a great little piece about eating well during hard financial times, check out Eva Saelens’ (Inca Ore, Jackie ‘O Motherf**ker) essay “Seasoning: An Act in Calories” right here.)

So here’s my favorite poorhouse/heavy-health sauce. It’s a good subtle, light flavor and works great on any salads (especially Caesar-style), grilled food, and sandwiches with rustic bread. I’ve used this sauce on a dozen or so meals and so far it’s been solid.

Two lemons (a dollar a dozen at my local store right now)
Powdered Garlic
Nutritional Yeast

Calculated cost per four-person meal: 35 cents.

Juice lemons into a small bowl. Give it a shake of powdered garlic then stir in one tablespoon of nutritional yeast until blended well. Serves four.

Do it up. Have a potluck. Convert your friends to the good life.

And now for the jams …

New cooking soundtrack:
No Bummer 2009/Everyone Alive/Magic Jams mix
1. White Fang “Green Beanz”
2. Little Wings “Boom”
3. Wavves “Sun Opens My Eyes
4. F**k Buttons “Bright Tomorrow”
5. White Rainbow “Give it a Whirl” (trance mix)
6. Hermas Zopoula “Attention”
7. The Shaky Hands “Maker Make”
8. Lucky Dragons “Band Hammer”
9. Peter and the Wolf “Trainhopper”
10. Peter and the Wolf “This Kid I Knew”

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