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D is for Dead Oceans

Monday, October 12th, 2009

deadoceans.nodragonfly2I like to think of Dead Oceans as a fantasy baseball label. It is carefully hand picked with good taste and forecasting. It has some highly sought after arms that don’t stay farm for long, soon finding themselves batting and fielding for the big leagues (i.e. Phosphorescent playing Farm Aid, Dirty Projectors playing the White House (well it could happen!!)). And like any good brain sticking baseball team it is full of personalities and characters, the parts just as equal as the sum. It is the Moondog chant-anthems of the Nurses in the outfield, the spot on beached boys of Explorers Club serenading in the dugout, 1993 Phiillies lookalikes Akron/Family rough housing and charging the mound, These Are Power(s) hitters smashing bats over knees and skulls with their post-minimalist industrialist jerked death race, short stop Casey Dienel’s White Hinterland turning two and more with fleet fingers and feet, and solid veteran Vanderslice pitching zingers and curveballs. I love a label with stylistic diversity and vision. It is no surprise that Dead Oceans, despite being a young label, has quickly grown to be a pennant-winning force, adding to the already powerful and impressive Secretly Canadian / Jagjagwuar continuum.


1. These Are Powers “Adam’s Turtle” from All Aboard Future
2. Nurses “Technicolor” from Apple’s Acre
3. John Vanderslice “Fetal Horses” from Romanian Names
4. Akron Family “River” from Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free
5. Citay “First Fantasy” from Little Kingdom
6. The Explorers Club “Do You Love Me?” from Freedom Wind
7. White Hinterland “Dreaming of the Plum Trees” from Phylactery Factory
8. Bowerbirds “Beneath Your Tree” from Upper Air
9. Phosphorescent “A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise” from Pride