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A is for anticon.

Monday, September 21st, 2009

[Series explanation and index is here.]


Back in the shadow of Y2K (both forwards and backwards in time) hip-hop looked like it was about to go the way of Salvador Dali: intricate, surreal, mind opening. Antipop Consortium, Dalek, Company Flow, and the friends and collaborators that comprised the anticon. collective/label/co-op/experiment. Anticon. of all of these seemed unstoppable and never resting: cover stories, feature articles, that black outlined ant crawling across club walls and aspiring suburban kid MC’s spiral bound notebooks. This is my version of the story, not theirs so please take this as one impressionable mind, who was digging and orbiting this action, digesting, and now interpreting through the lens of nostalgia. The fact is though, they never did stop, nor were they stopped. They continue to wage their war with expectations, subverting labeling, and pressing into new realms of genre, art, and states of mind. From my first exposure, a story in a glossy hip-hop magazine (doseone walking a leashed cat in green jogging suit) to my now friendships with some of these gentleman, anticon. has always been and will continue to be a label to watch and listen. They are still surprising me while keeping an overall aesthetic, quality and vision for doing business with an independent ferocity and saintly kindness.


1. Bike For Three! “All There Is To Say About Love” from More Heart Than Brains
2. Son Lux “Break” from At War With Walls & Mazes
3. Teengirl Fantasy “Portofino” from Dublab Presents…In The Loop #5
4. Tobacco “Truck Sweat” from Fucked Up Friends
5. Dosh “If You Want To, You Have To” from Wolves and Wishes
6. Alias “Well Water Black” (feat. WHY?) from Resurgam
7. Anathallo “The River” from Canopy Glow
8. Restiform Bodies “Bobby Trendy Addendum” from TV Loves You Back
9. Themselves “Roman Is As Roman Does” from Crownsdown
10. Odd Nosdam “FLY MODE” from T.I.M.E. Soundtrack
11. WHY? “This Blackest Purse” from Eskimo Snow
12. Serengeti & Polyphonic “My Patriotism” from Terradactyl
13. SJ Esau “Depth Perception Lack” from Small Vessel
14. Sole & The Skyrider Band, “Shipwreckers” from Sole & The Skyrider Band