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Ode to Future Rapper
By futurerapper
Monday, August 6th, 2007

[Listen to Shara rap]

Original text:
Future Rapper knows the deal.
Future Rapper is for real.
You can disbelieve the hype
but you should really take a bite
Cause Future Rapper is the guy
sci-fi from the low-fi
for the tie-dye you could be high
on all the verses he disperses
Leavin out the nasty curses
Not a wacky divinator
aint no psychic fortune teller
He’s a time space travel zapper
He’s the only Future Rapper.

Text remix via outsourced voicemail transcription:
wanna shot out a little wrapped your future wrapper ago so I’m like this teacher wrapper noses deal future wrapper is for real you can just leave the hike but you should really take a bite because future wrapper he’s the guy sci fi from the Lo fi for the tie dye you could be high on all the vs. He disburse is that even out the nasty curses not a wacky given aid ano psychic fortune teller he’s a time space travel that part he’s the only after you would sure rap . . .

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