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Rafter sends his love
By Shapes and Sizes
Saturday, May 26th, 2007

mmmmm shapes and sizes! such wonderful kind and sweet people, and such amazing artists! i remember the 1st time i saw them play a show was great. like really great! i was grinning wildly ear to ear the whole time. watching them all play together was really really delightful – i remember especially nathan clapping, as often as he possibly could he’d stop playing bass and start clapping! and i remember especially caila’s face as she sang, squeaked, hollered, and belted out the sings. i knew immediately that i loved their band! i was so honored and excited when they decided to mix their next album with me in san diego – super awesome! they came to town for a few weeks and we spent the time hanging w/my toddler son (teaching him to walk, even!) and mixing the record, which turned out A+++! it is a great balance of noise and structure and melody and trash. i’m really happy about how it came out and i hope that you (dear reader) like it too. it’s violent, beautiful, calm, outraged and super in love, and i feel like there’s so many delightful eye-of-the-hurricane moments in the record! i like that so much – i like for it all to live there and they do. seeing them live is supremely delightful, too, as evidenced by the sxsw loveliness, but i feel like this record is different from it, more dynamic, more range, more sonic depth… if i had to choose between the two, i’d see them live, because spending so much time w/the recording takes the suprises out of it somewhat (for me) and i’m always surprised by the live show. if you haven’t seen the show, find them and see them! whether you have or not, please please enjoy the album… i think they made it for you! i know that it’s a saturated world we live in, and your brain is full of stuff, but i think that this album is special enough to make room for it and invite it in to your brain! love rafter

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