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Caila’s List
By Shapes and Sizes
Friday, May 25th, 2007

Photo by Murat Eyuboglu

[Listen along here.]

"The Dumb Drums," Ohsees
The first time I heard or heard of the Ohsees was when I saw them open up for the Fall at CMJ this last year and immediately I was blown away: surf rock with male-female unison melodies that almost sound like outsider music. This song sounds like the Shangrilas meet the Shaggs.

"Fight Against the Darkness," Chet
Chet is a band from Victoria that we have always admired and been really close to. For years they have been writing these beautiful, heartbreaking songs that always move me.

"Bad Dreams," Weird Weeds
I never tire of hearing the Weird Weeds. They are an exceptional group that keep surprising and delighting me; my love for them can only grow.

"Zut!" Deep Dark United
Deep Dark United quickly to my consciousness. Within a couple weeks this group that was previously unknown to me came recommended by lots of good people and the songs have certainly made a deep impression on me. They are from Toronto and I put another song by lead-guy Alex Lukashevsky on this mix too.

"Bearded Clouds Pass Rainbows to Get By" Le Ton Mite
Our first show in New York we played along side a rare gem and king of the live show: McCloud or Le Ton Mite. His show was mostly improvised with the spontaneous creation of a little ditty called ‘Blood on the Wall’ possibly being the highlight of the night. Upon listening to his recorded music we were very blown away, possibly because we weren’t expecting it from our orange-wearing, outgoing and illusive friend, or possibly it was because we loved it so much.

"Spiral Golden Town," Deerhoof
I think all S&S members can agree to a mutual shining admiration of Deerhof. I think this song is hilarious in a really great way; it just sounds like Bollywood to me.

"The Highway," Peter and the Wolf
Red Hunter of Peter and the Wolf has been a real great friend and support to us since our first recordings came out. Memories of time with him reveal West Texas, dirt roads, camping out and searing, beautiful songs. His latest album, Lightness, is amazing and hosts a few absolutely perfect songs. The song I chose, the Highway, is a delicate beauty that displays his honesty and skill as a song writer.

"Dreadful Flutes," Dixie’s Death Pool
Dixie’s Death Pool is a Vancouver group that is no longer together; however, writer, Lee Hutzalic is still very active in the improvised, experimental community in Vancouver. We were lucky enough to have him do some very exceptional work on Split Lips also.

"Party," Kickball; "Blessed by the Bicycle," Mt. Gigantic
Mt. Gigantic and Kickball came to us as a unit. Kickball, from Olympia, Mt.Gigantic from Bloomington. Our first encounter was at the Smell in LA where they knocked the socks off our sorry asses. These are hard working, kind and talented people.

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