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J is for Joyful Noise Recordings
By Michael Kaufmann
Monday, May 3rd, 2010
Joyful Noise is a sister label to Sounds Are Active, who is a sister label to Asthmatic Kitty. So that makes us sisters once-removed I think. I think that might be a sorority term. We are also neighbors, Joyful Noise is an Indianapolis based label and has made strides to not only keep the scene active, but pressing boundaries. We have to confess there is a tinge of guilt when speaking about Joyful Noise. We stole an artist from them. If it weren’t for Joyful Noise we would not have Jookabox. But then we also take pride in the fact we have sent one or two artists there way. So the score is even. We asked the artist in question to chime in on the matter, Moose?
“Karl. Karl Hofstetter. What a babe. Dreamy eyes. I think I first became aware of Karl Hofstetter in his long hair days. I probably saw his band Melk the g6-49 at Smedley’s Festivilla venue and had no idea what was going on. I probably plugged my ears. Karl’s Joyful Noise label started as an imprint to release loud, violent, heavy, chaotic, and atmospheric instrumental albums by Melk. The next thing I remember about Karl is seeing his other band Abner Trio play. Here was a band my young rock brain understood. There were words! Karl is a skilled and very tasteful drummer. I sent Karl a cd of some music and asked if he would put it out. He said no, my music didn’t really fit with his vision for the label, but he had listened to it more than once, which was rare. What a dick. In recent years, his label has expanded to include a wide range of musical styles, but continues to put out quality instrumental and heavy albums. I think quality is Karl’s main concern and main criteria. His standards have built his label into something that Indianapolis is proud of. I don’t really want to know what it takes to keep an independent label with such high standards going. Oh wait, I do know, love!”
- Moose Adamson of Jookabox


1. Hi Red Center “Symmetry Chameleon” from Assemble

2. Grampall Jookabox “Rusty Wife” from Scientific Cricket

3. Berry “Out” from Blue Sky, Raging Sun

4. Child Bite “Odd Inn” from The Living Breathing Organ Summer

5. Prizzy Prizzy Please “Lost” from Chroma Cannon

6. I Love You “The Colloquialism Is Simply “Gas”" from Bell Ord Forrest

7. Marmoset “Strawberry Shortcakes” from Tea Tornado

8. Push-Pull “Wright, Right?” from Between Noise and the Indians

9. Valina “Phantom Of My Longest Day” from A Tempo! A Tempo!

10. Abner Trio “You’re Gorgeous, Believe It!” from The Giant Crushes You

11. The Delicious “Something” from It Happened Here Comp

12. Hermit Thrushes “Snowflake Heart” from Slight Fountain

13. Bizzart “Changing Stars” from Future Stars & Small Wonders

14. Stationary Odyssey “Rib Letters” from Sons of Boy

15. C.J. Boyd “We Know Time (Excerpt)” from Aerial Roots

16. Man At Arms “Telescope” from A Waste of Time and Space

17. Melk the G6-49 “The Instantaneous…” from Glossolalia

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