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I is for Important Records
By Michael Kaufmann
Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Merzbow bamboo box set. I am not sure there is really anything else I need to add. If this holds little significance to you, I am not a snob, I am not going to make you feel ashamed. I will say I recommend you orientate yourself, if only to understand the boundaries of sound and noise, music at its most deep and aggressive. John Cage set up the other boundary with his few minutes of silence. Merzbow provides the other pole. Now our globe, our sphere is defined. Still plenty of mapping and exploration to be done, but we will always only have two ears. I feel that all the labels we have highlighted are important, and to call yourself such puts you in a position to be analyzed and criticized and measured by that claim. But Important Records continued support of artists who are charting their own territory, championing incendiary causes (i.e. Muslimgauze and Genesis P-Orridge), and seeking to melt minds and musical boundaries allows it to rightfully carry its namesake. Just scan down its releases and you will see such musical luminaries as Acid Mothers Temple, Jad Fair, Kimya Dawson, Noam Chomsky, Diane Cluck, Wolf Eyes, KK Null, Mars, Lee Renaldo, Vanishing Voice, Pauline Oliveros, and Smegma. It is like a crash course syllabus on the underground creativity that is the life-blood of avant-garde music. Yet, somehow, simultaneously with all of these noise makers the catalog is full of a cinematic richness that could be plundered by any forward thinking documentary filmmaker. I hear the soundtracks to high school wrestling team exposes, Egyptian country music karaoke road trips, deep sea diving addiction, thimble collectors, secret societies for anti-corporate behavior, and yarn bombers. In other words, the music provides a catalyst for creative thinking, for dreaming, for envelopment. www.importantrecords.com

1. Cave “Made In Malaysia”from Psychic Psummer IMPREC247

2. Dan Friel “Ghost Town Pt. 1″ from Ghost Town IMPREC187

3. Grails “Take Refuge In Clean Living” from Take Refuge In Clean Living IMPREC190

4. Guano Padano “Epiphany” from Guano Padano IMPREC271

5. Julia Kent “Templehof” from Delay IMPREC149

6. Chieko Mori “Spiral Wave” from In The Garden Of Forking Paths IMPREC162

7. Alessandro Stefana “Poste E Telegrafi Blues” from Poste E Telegrafi IMPREC138

8. Risil “There Has To Be” from Non Meters Vol 1 IMPREC218

9. Larsen with David Tibet “Pt. 3″ from Abeceda IMPREC129

10. XXL (Xiu Xiu & Larsen) “King Of Koalas” from Spicchiology? IMPREC130

11.Kurt Weisman “Spiritual Sci Fi” from Spiritual Sci Fi IMPREC150

12. Christina Kubisch “Homage With Minimal Disinformation” from  Invisible/Inaudible: Five Electrical Walks IMPREC167

13. Beequeen “The Edie Three Step” from  IMPREC177

14. Rivulets “You Are My Home” from You Are My Home IMPREC109

15. Asa Irons & Swaan Miller “Abacus” from Asa Irons & Swaan Miller IMPREC143

16. Piano Magic “Saints Preserve Us” from Part Monster IMPREC151

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