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Things I Vow to Love, Honor, and Cherish
By Megan Michelle
Friday, March 26th, 2010

I. Organic Almond Butter: If I could marry any food that is good for the skin, a great source of protein and so deliciously addictive it has been known to be used as a substitute for other more-expensive/less-healthy addictions, I would marry Organic Almond Butter.

II. The Movie, A Patch of Blue: If I could marry any film that stars the most wonderful, beautiful actor, Sidney Poitier, features the most flawless, heart-wrenching score composed by Jerry Goldsmith, and basically sums up Miss Megan Michelle’s heart and soul more than any other film ever could ever, I would marry A Patch of Blue.

III. Van Go’s Annotated Letters’ Website: If I could marry any website that annotates Vincent Van Go’s letters and therefore provides me with invaluable literate consolation whenever I feel as if no one on earth understands me, as if no one could possibly comprehend what it’s like to be such an unappreciated genius, I would marry Van Go’s Annotated Letters’ Website.

IV. Spinster Bathrobe: If I could marry any piece of clothing that never fails to remind me that even though I’m a spinster, I’m a divine, feminine spirit and therefore have every right to enjoy my nighttime wardrobe and dance around unashamedly in that wardrobe like all divine, feminine spinstered-spirits should, I would marry my Spinster Bathrobe.

V. Gilbert Blythe (from Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery): If I could marry any male character in the whole, wide perfect-literature world, I would, without a doubt, marry Gilbert Blythe.

Miss Megan Michelle is a former Classics Major, greatly-skilled Goatherdess and full-time Romantic who has always loved The Living Logos.

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