Photo Essay: Baja California Destination Wedding
By Mia Ferm
Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Meling Ranch has been around for a long time. It was settled by two families in the early 1900s and rebuilt after the 1911 Mexican Revolution. Today it serves as a secluded getaway and more recently as a wonderful place to see your friends get married.

I had neither the time nor the money to travel to Mexico, but somehow it all came together. I threw my bag into the back of the truck and made the six-hour plus drive down from San Diego and up into some of Baja’s highest mountains with two of the best dudes that I know. Here’s a few snapshots from the trip, including that tall, cool can of Tecate I awarded myself upon arriving at the ranch and the spot that I like to call “the basketball court of the gods.”

Mia Ferm currently resides in Portland, Oregon where she is a collective member of Cinema Project. She is a writer, photographer, and videographer and holds an MA in Cinema Studies from NYU.

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