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H is for Human Ear Music
By Michael Kaufmann
Saturday, December 19th, 2009
Human Ear Music is that magical cassette bin at the thrift store. It is like finding a subculture of tape that has been created by some secret society, meeting in rented Elks Lodges or storage units. I am not speaking about the nostalgia for analog, but rather the excitement of a sense of discovery, and a feeling of voyeurism. The music of Human Ear is weird, mythical, guttural, ephemeral and ethereal. I don’t use the word “weird” like your aunt does for describing how you dress and cut your hair, but the weird that makes you feel present on the planet in a world of worshipped sameness. The recent lo-fi resurgence is a little hard for me to stomach, there seems to be some sort of forced authenticity by ditching the clean digital for the muds. But the unifying aesthetic here seems less of an effect or style and more of a aesthetic reality, immediacy, and language of community. Yet the folks of Human Ear Music also know full well that you win friends with melody not salad, and you can never loose your sense of humor if you want to remain human.


1. Anonymous “Calling Human Ear Music” unreleased
2. Nite Jewel “You Said (Demo)” unreleased
3. Ariel Pink’s Gorilla (Pre-Haunted Graffiti Track) “Darby’s Revenge” unreleased
4. The Remarkable Thing About Swans “City of Ladies” from S/T
5. Heart Shaped Rock (Jason Grier & Ramona Gonzalez of Nite Jewel) “Heart Shaped Rock” unreleased
6. Weave “Man He Can” unreleased
7. Softboiled Eggies “She Fell Through The Trees” from Egg Soldiers
8. Jason Grier (w/ Julia Holter) “Say It With Your Love” unreleased
9. Ryrock “Strong Wait” unreleased
10. Julia Holter “The Fat Lady of Limbourg” (Live at Cal Arts, orig. Brian Eno) unreleased
11. Jib Kidder – “Elisa’s Illuminated Alphabet” from Small Guitar
12. The Seasonings (Jason Grier & Emily Jane of Nite Jewel) “Christmas Plate” unreleased
13. Geneva Jacuzzi “Unearth the Human Saxophone” unreleased

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