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G is for Ghostly International
By Michael Kaufmann
Monday, November 9th, 2009
Everything about Ghostly International (music, website and packaging) is so artfully and intentionally curated. Even its iPhone application speaks to a high level of aesthetic quality that makes the label stand out. What is also amazing to me about Ghostly International is that it is a label that has effectively survived the IDM backlash. Was there ever a real IDM backlash? I don’t know, but it did seem that the poorly named genre would barely survive. Intelligent Dance Music had seemed to considerably wither a few years back. Fortunately there are few labels who evolved the genre beyond itself. These labels dedication to explore and support artists working with experimental music and electronics while not sacrificing quality and a pop sensibility has allowed for the music to reach a wider audience. Ghostly International is one such label, and they have taken the ideas and lessons of IDM and experimental electronics and have exploded its boundaries through its curatorial choices. By blurring definitions and genres the focus is once again not on a particular style, but on the music and the artists. Birthed out of the love for Detroit techno, and based in Ann Arbor Michigan (what’s not to love about a label started in Michigan), the ten year old Ghostly will undoubtedly thrive in the new era of the music industry.
Asthmatic Kitty has had the joy of working with many artists on Ghostly. Michna, digital pop maestro and saboteur, recently remixed DM Stith. The textural and cerebral Lusine remixed My Brightest Diamond. The boogie down destruction and delightful tomfoolery of The Chap made for perfect remix candidate criteria for JOOKABOX.

1. Choir Of Young Believers “Hollow Talk” from This Is For The White In Your Eyes
2. Lusine “Two Dots” from A Certain Distance
3. Michna “The Joy Of Your Dome” from Eggstra EP
4. The Chap “They Have A Name” from Mega Breakfast
5. The Sight Below “Murmur” from Murmur EP
6. Syntaks “Twentytwohundred” from Ylajali
7. School of Seven Bells “Connjur” from Alpinisms
8. Mux Mool “Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom” from The Nocturnal Suite
9. Cepia “Hoarse” from Natura Morta
10. Kiln “Fyrepond” from Dusker
11. Dabrye “Get It Together (feat. Invincible and Finale)” from Two/Three
12. Tycho “The Daydream” from Ghostly/GHO Summer Solstice Sampler Mix
13. Shigeto “Is This All for Real” from The Nocturnal Suite
14. Matthew Dear “Don and Sherri (Original Mix)” from Don and Sherri

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