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March Madness is here?!
By Johnny Bob
Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Several people wondered why there was no tournament at this time last year. Fools! They don’t play this tournament every year do they? They do? Hmm…

So, download the PDF, fill in your winners, email me your Final Four AND your Sweet Sixteen and be eligible for prizes. OK?

There are many fine contenders for this year’s Final Four. The top seed in the East Seltzer hopes to return to the promised land, but faces a tough first round matchup with Stone Ground Mustard. The Best Show on WFMU also hopes to repeat its success in the North bracket, but face Triceratops early with Leverage, Adobe Garamond, or Gena Rowlands as possible later round opponents.

Surprise top seed in the West, Temptation Eyes by the Grass Roots, will be tested early and often if they advance to the Final Four with possible matchups against Pizzaburger Deluxe, Deviled Eggs, Daniel Murphy, and the MLB Network. The South bracket welcomes the return of the Khmer Rouge as well as other contenders BLT, We’re So Glad Elvis is Dead, and a framed photo of yourself in a novelty frame, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the winner of the first round matchup between Alison Statton by Pants Yell! and Alison by Elvis Costello.

Email your Sweet Sixteen and Final Four picks to sports.correspondent.johnny.bob(AT)gmail.com

Download PDF.


Intrepid sports correspondent Johnny Bob communicates exclusively via an Asthmatic Kitty issued blueberry device.

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2 Responses to “March Madness is here?!”

  1. asmakit1 Says:

    Hey, what about Lindsay Lohan’s Auto Insurance Premium? You got something against asthmatic Catholics?

  2. Johnny Bob Says:

    I am really not sure what that means.

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