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Valentine’s List: Things I Love by Vito Aiuto
By Vito Aiuto
Sunday, February 14th, 2010

The 1922 Revised Lectionary. Ordered according to the church calendar, yet still comprehensive. “It constitutes one of the many examples of the coherence of the daily office lectionary and the Sunday office lectionary within the comprehensive doctrinal structure of the ecclesiastical year.” (David P. Curry from this essay.)

Veselka. East Village standard.  Great integrity, but not haughty.  Fun.  Their bowl of borscht, with thick butter on challah, is one of the cheapest/best lunches in NYC.

Danny Stiles. He can be caught hit and miss, through static and wind, all over the dial and at odd and movable hours, but always from 8pm-10pm on WNYC 820 AM.  One time he gave me a signed photocopied photograph of himself, as well as a comb with his name on it.

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