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The 6 Best Movies I Saw This Year
By Jeff Stern
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Here are haiku reviews of the 6 best movies I saw in 2008. This list is comprehensive in that it considers everything I saw. It is not comprehensive in that I did not come close to seeing all the movies released in 2008. (I did see The House Bunny.)

Encounters at the End of the World
Iridescent fish
meet Burning Man meets Herzog
in Antarctica.

Happy Go Lucky
Poppy is happy.
This makes some people angry.
Happy is Poppy.

Chaplin-bot in a
G-rated apocalypse -
Pixar gets darker.

The Wrestler
O, Randy the Ram
O, tragically flawed grappler
O, hidden razor

Momma’s Man
When life is too much,
Delay your flight forever…
return to the womb.

Man on Wire
Way way way up there:
A smiling man, 2 buildings.
What perfect balance.

Jeff Stern is a Boston-based filmmaker, screenwriter and actor whose work has screened at the Woods Hole, Olympia, New Hampshire and Boston Underground Film Festivals, among others. He is the co-producer and host of Open Screen, a monthly forum for independent, underground films held at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville, MA. In January 2009, he finished production on the independent feature film "Good Work," in which Jeff stars as Jason. In summer 2009, Jeff co-produced and starred in the independent feature film "Party Like It’s a Verb." Both films are currently in post-production. Jeff currently plays in the band The Avon Barksdale. He is also a lifetime member of the musical baseball ensemble, The Farmhands. Jeff works at Bentley University, where he teaches Media Production. He lives in Cambridge near a bunch of baseball diamonds with his wife, Anna Goldsmith, and son, Leo Coolidge.

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